Wow, Jill from LinuxChix is now a Permanent Co-host of LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show!!!! \:-D/

 OMG \:-D/ I am so honored, and now a permanent co-host on LinuxGameCast’s LWDW!!!!! #LGCcares #linuxchixla

Wow, Jill from LinuxChix LA Future Host of LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show!!!! \:-D/

OMG OMG \:-D/ What an honor!!! Today on Linux Gamecast LWDW, they announced me as a Patreon Goal to raise donations to get me on as a full time host for the LWDW Linux News Show!!! 
Check out Timestamp 25:40
#linuxchixla #SCALE

Kernel 4.15 has arrived! NVIDIA releases a busted driver, Chrome silences annoying websites and the Italian military embraces open source. All this plus your emails. Get access to all live stream…

Wow, LinuxChix LA represent, I was on LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show \:-D/!!!!

Here is the full Linux Gamecast LWDW show including the preshow and aftershow I was on \:-D/ And at timestamp 1:07:01 Venn shows my Computer Room Tour Video (#SCALE represent!), and we talk Star Trek, Venn thanks me and he offers me my own show on the LGC network \:-D/!!!!!

#linuxchixla Linux Gamecast Linux Gamecast

Keila and Her Dad Phillip Banks Rocked It @ OSSummit Europe 2017!!!!!!!!!

Here Are Some Incredible Highlights From Keila And Phillip’s Talk At

Open Source Summit 2017 Europe!!!!!!

And for those of you who didn’t get to watch it live, The Linux Foundation will be posting it very soon :-D:
The full photo album :-D:

Open Source Summit Europe 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic

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And the LinuxChix LA get to meet Linus Torvalds once again!!!!!!

Our very own LinuxChix LA Keila Banks is speaking at OSSummit Europe live Pacific Standard Time at Midnight October 24, 2017!!!!!!!!

Watch live if you can 😀  We are so proud!  Our very own and youngest LinuxChix LA Keila Banks is speaking at
OSSummit Europe live Pacific Standard Time at Midnight October 24, 2017!!!!!!!!
And into the early am Linus Torvalds will be the last keynote speaker for the night!
If you miss the live stream The Linux Foundation will release the video later 😀
Here are Phillip Banks, Keila’s father, posts on Facebook 😀

 Phillip Banks is feeling excited with Carole Leila Cramer-Banks.

Next week stop what you’re doing and catch us in Europe. The event will be live streamed.

Join 2000 technologists and community members next week as they convene at
Jill Bryant

Jill Bryant The LinuxChix LA can’t wait to watch Keila rock it at #OSSummit with Linus Torvalds!!!!


Jill Bryant

Jill Bryant And with her Dad too 🙂

 Nithya A. Ruff is with Phillip Banks in Prague, Czech Republic.

Yesterday at 5:46pm · Instagram ·

 Terrific to see Keila Banks keynoting at #ossummit. Have seen this young woman grow up and be a great role model for young girls everywhere.
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Phillip Banks

Phillip Banks Thanks Nithya! I love dropping her off today for the women’s lunch and hanging with so many women she knew and coming back with new friends.

City of Los Angeles is Sponsoring a Tech Fair Jan 26th, 2017

City of Los Angeles Tech Fair Jan 27th 2017
City of Los Angeles Tech Fair Jan 27th 2017
#LosAngeles #WomenInTech The City of LA is sponsoring a Tech Fair Jan 26th. Free tickets are available, but not for long. Link to announcing tweet and relevant info below.

Join the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City’s Entrepreneur in Residence Jason Nazar, for one of the City’s largest Technology Job Fairs taking place on Thursday, January 26th from 11-8pm at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles. The fair will feature 200+ of LA’s premier technology companies looking to hire great candidates in engineering, marketing, sales, and more.

The tech ecosystem in Los Angeles has experienced enormous growth the last few years, marked by record numbers of companies being started, massive funding rounds, and many high-profile acquisitions and exits. With more students graduating with engineering degrees in LA than any other market, there is no better time than now, to stay in LA and work for one of LA’s premiere technology companies.

Tweet from LA Mayor’s office

RSVP via EventBrite

The LinuxChix LA Raspberry Pi Installfest :: Time to Live and let Pi was an overwhelming success :-)!!!!!!

Thank you to all our Chix and Mentors who attended!!!!!

Raspberry Pi Installfest :: Time to Live and let Pi

Saturday, Sep 24, 2016, 10:00 AM

IndieDesk DTLA
333 South Grand Ave. Suite 450 Los Angeles 90071, CA

16 Members Went

PARKING INFO:  $10 validated parking is available. Set your GPS to 330 South Hope St., Los Angeles 90071 as the parking entrance to use. No parking validations will be available if you use ANY other entrance.We also need your first and last name as it appears on your id. Building security will be checking ids against a provided list of attendees a…

Check out this Meetup →

Here are a few pics from the event!  Checkout our meetup site above for even more wonderful pics!!!!!

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