Wow, Jill from LinuxChix is now a Permanent Co-host of LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show!!!! \:-D/

 OMG \:-D/ I am so honored, and now a permanent co-host on LinuxGameCast’s LWDW!!!!! #LGCcares #linuxchixla Originally shared by Venn Stone #NVIDIA Snaps, #ProtonVPN releases a command line tool, #Microsoft launches distros and enterprise Pi is now a thing #Linux #podcasting #hashtags

Wow, Jill from LinuxChix LA Future Host of LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show!!!! \:-D/

OMG OMG \:-D/ What an honor!!! Today on Linux Gamecast LWDW, they announced me as a Patreon Goal to raise donations to get me on as a full time host for the LWDW Linux News Show!!! 😀 Check out Timestamp 25:40 #linuxchixla #SCALE LWDW: ChromeBuntu | Linux Game Cast Kernel 4.15 has arrived! NVIDIA releases a […]

Wow, LinuxChix LA represent, I was on LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show \:-D/!!!!

Here is the full Linux Gamecast LWDW show including the preshow and aftershow I was on \:-D/ And at timestamp 1:07:01 Venn shows my Computer Room Tour Video (#SCALE represent!), and we talk Star Trek, Venn thanks me and he offers me my own show on the LGC network \:-D/!!!!! #linuxchixla Linux Gamecast Linux Gamecast Linux Weekly Daily […]

SCaLE 16x Is Almost Here!!!!!!!!!!! And the LinuxChix LA Booth will be in full force once again \:-D/

“Shall we play a game?” LinuxChix LA Booth Raffle @ SCaLE 16x!!!! For This Full System 3 Monitor Linux Gaming Rig!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, that includes EVERYTHING that you see here!  The Custom Built Gaming Rig of RGB Goodness!!!! :-D, 3 Monitors, LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, LED Gaming Mouse, Speakers and a Linux “Born To Frag” […]

Keila and Her Dad Phillip Banks Rocked It @ OSSummit Europe 2017!!!!!!!!!

Here Are Some Incredible Highlights From Keila And Phillip’s Talk At Open Source Summit 2017 Europe!!!!!! And for those of you who didn’t get to watch it live, The Linux Foundation will be posting it very soon :-D: The full photo album :-D: Open Source Summit Europe 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic And the […]