Wow, Jill from LinuxChix is now a Permanent Co-host of LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show!!!! \:-D/

 OMG \:-D/ I am so honored, and now a permanent co-host on LinuxGameCast’s LWDW!!!!! #LGCcares #linuxchixla Originally shared by Venn Stone #NVIDIA Snaps, #ProtonVPN releases a command line tool, #Microsoft launches distros and enterprise Pi is now a thing #Linux #podcasting #hashtags

Wow, Jill from LinuxChix LA Future Host of LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show!!!! \:-D/

OMG OMG \:-D/ What an honor!!! Today on Linux Gamecast LWDW, they announced me as a Patreon Goal to raise donations to get me on as a full time host for the LWDW Linux News Show!!! 😀 Check out Timestamp 25:40 #linuxchixla #SCALE LWDW: ChromeBuntu | Linux Game Cast Kernel 4.15 has arrived! NVIDIA releases a […]

Wow, LinuxChix LA represent, I was on LinuxGameCast’s LWDW Linux News Show \:-D/!!!!

Here is the full Linux Gamecast LWDW show including the preshow and aftershow I was on \:-D/ And at timestamp 1:07:01 Venn shows my Computer Room Tour Video (#SCALE represent!), and we talk Star Trek, Venn thanks me and he offers me my own show on the LGC network \:-D/!!!!! #linuxchixla Linux Gamecast Linux Gamecast Linux Weekly Daily […]

SCaLE 16x Is Almost Here!!!!!!!!!!! And the LinuxChix LA Booth will be in full force once again \:-D/

“Shall we play a game?” LinuxChix LA Booth Raffle @ SCaLE 16x!!!! For This Full System 3 Monitor Linux Gaming Rig!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, that includes EVERYTHING that you see here!  The Custom Built Gaming Rig of RGB Goodness!!!! :-D, 3 Monitors, LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, LED Gaming Mouse, Speakers and a Linux “Born To Frag” […]